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HEARTS for Families™ began in 1997 as the Family Nurturing Center of Georgia.  In 2011, the organization re-branded as a way to offer more expansive program offerings and training to support parents, families and communities at large.

HEARTS for Families™ provides parent education and support, facilitator training for government facilities and organizations, and tools to nurture yourself and others.

We offer partner programs, substance abuse prevention services and training nationwide, with some of our largest and most popular programs currently being facilitated in Georgia, California, Florida and Colorado.  Our programs are varied in intensity level, addressing a wide-range of needs to support parents/families and build strong communities.

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Welcome to HEARTS !

Our Mission, Vision, Motto and Core Values

Our Mission: To strengthen families and those that serve families.

Our Vision:  Includes three tenets:

  • All families will have access to quality parenting education to enhance their quality of life,
  • Children will grow in a nurturing environment with parents active and confident in their role as the first and most important teacher, and
  • Children are to be free of child abuse, child neglect and substance abuse for them to learn and succeed in school and other educational environments.

Our Values:

  • Respect - for self, others and our environment
  • Improve - continuously
  • Stimulate - the work environment
  • Teamwork - is require, together everyone achieves more
  • Knowledge - increases our credibility
  • Flexibility - for meeting the needs of stakeholders
  • Honesty - to build trust
  • Integrity - with every thought, word, plan and deed
  • Customer service - achieves customer satisfaction
  • Commitment - in all things
  • Love - others the way we love ourselves
  • Seek wisdom - for success in every endeavor
  • Courage - to do the right thing
  • Empowerment - of self and others

Our Motto:

Do everything with excellence to the best of our ability.

Our Success:

Each year, HEARTS for Families™ touches the lives of many throughout the state of Georgia and beyond. Below you will find links to our annual reports, telling the stories of our success over the years.

2014 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report

2011 Annual Report

2010 Annual Report (the first 10 years)