June 9, 2016

Fun Ways to Make Summer 2016 an "Alcohol Free Zone"

Summertime photo: beach with flip flops

Did you know that up to 70% of water recreation deaths of teens and adults involve the use of alcohol?

Summertime is full of fun, sunshine, outdoor activities, and making memories.  However, it also comes with extra freedom and potential for irresponsible behavior.  HEARTS for Families wants to help make sure that both parents and students have the best summer yet, so we’ve compiled these handy lists for you to use as you navigate the school-free months.

For Parents: 3 Ways to Help Prevent Underage Drinking

  1. Be Clear: Talk to your children about alcohol, and make it clear that you do not condone underage drinking.  Having this firm foundation will help build the wall against peer pressure.
  2. Be Attentive: Being an active part in your child’s life can play a major role in preventing underage drinking.  Meet your children’s friends and get to know their parents too.  Be aware of where they are going, who they are going with, and what they will be doing.  
  3. Be Proactive: Talk with your child regularly about the dangers of alcohol, how to avoid peer pressure, and stay up-to-date on other dangerous youth trends. Empower your children with the tools needed to live a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

 For Students: 10 Fun Activities - No Alcohol Necessary!

  1. Grab a few friends and take a hike at a nearby state park
  2. Head to the pool for a cannon-ball or diving contest
  3. Cool off on a tube with friends as you float down a local river (the Chattahoochee is our local favorite! Or the one in Helen, it’s only $5)
  4. Play a game of soccer, kickball, or baseball in the front yard
  5. Go fishing and skip rocks at a nearby lake
  6. Invite your friends over for a camp-out in the back yard (with s’mores, of course!)
  7. Go down to the closest recreational park for a friendly game of basketball or volleyball
  8. Build a tree house with scraps in the backyard or an awesome fort in the living room with all of Mom’s folded blankets and pillows (you’re NEVER too old for a fort!)
  9. Visit a nearby beach (most lakes have man-made beaches for day use, if you aren’t near the ocean)
  10. Take a pottery or painting class

Whatever you decide to do this summer, whether it be at the pool, on the lake, or in the backyard, it will be way more fun without breaking the law or putting your health at risk! Be responsible, have fun while making healthy decisions, and stay away from alcohol and underage drinking.  HEARTS for Families wishes you an eventful, safe, and relaxing summer 2016!

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