June 13, 2016

HOORAY! City of Millen Passes Social Hosting Ordinance!



HEARTS for Families is thrilled to announce that the hard work the dedicated members of the STEP Up Millen Workgroup has paid off.  Members of the Millen City Council approved the proposed Social Hosting Ordinance on May 3rd, and it was signed into law on June 7th

Stakeholders at signingPictured here are (Front Row, L-R): Councilmen Walter Thomas and Ed Fuller, Mayor King Rocker, Councilmen Robin Scott and Darrel Clifton; (Back Row, L-R): Carolyn Fields (Community Liaison, HEARTS for Families), Police Chief Dwayne Harrington, Denise Ward (Community Involvement Specialist, HEARTS for Families, Mandy Underwood (Executive Director of Jenkins County Development Authority, Chamber of Commerce), and Pam Brown (Jenkins Family Enrichment Coordinator, STEP Up Millen/Sylvania Workgroup Member).

Social Hosting affects everyone, and it is time for all communities to follow Millen’s example.  We encourage you all to STEP Up, as this city has, and be responsible when it comes to underage drinking. To learn more about what social hosting is, you can check out this article.  For information about why this decision was crucial for Millen, and why it is vital for other communities to follow suit, please click here.

Congratulations, Millen residents, on this monumental step toward protecting the youth of your city.  We’d also like to acknowledge and extend special congratulations to Denise Ward and Carolyn Fields for their tireless and passionate pursuit toward change regarding underage drinking in the city of Millen.  

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