October 31, 2016

Ministry Opportunity - We Need YOUR Help!

Nurturing God's Way

What if I told you that YOU can be part of building strong families in other parts of the world?  If I showed you specific ways that your involvement could directly impact the lives of mothers, fathers, and children for years to come – all for the cause of Christ? Would you be willing to help make this a reality for families in places like Nigeria, Ecuador, and the UK?

HEARTS for Families™ currently has the opportunity to minister to families in these places, and we need YOUR help!  Our Biblically-based parenting program, Nurturing God’s Way™, has been sought out by pastors in these areas of the world, and we believe that this is a chance to fulfill our mission of strengthening families and those who serve families.

The most sustainable way for us to reach these families is to provide their local ministers with the tools to be able to teach the Nurturing God’s Way™ curriculum in their own communities.  Facilitator training will allow them to reach families for years to come, and we need your help to get them trained!

At this time, we are specifically looking to raise the funds for participants from Nigeria to become trained facilitators of Nurturing God’s Way™ in early December.  If you'd like to help, please visit our GoFundMe page!

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