October 18, 2016

Top 5 Cutest DIY Costumes

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Remember that scene in Disney’s “Robin Hood” when Robin pokes a hole in King John’s money bag and all the gold coins trickle out?  That’s kind of what shopping for costumes is like as a parent.  If you’re like us, you’ve stood in front of the costume wall at the local party store with a slack-jawed expression and a vivid vision of the money pouring out of your bag – just like King John’s. 

While older children may insist on having that pre-packaged, $39.99 Darth Vader costume (and the extra $15.99 light saber!), you can probably convince (ahem, coerce) your younger child to wear Momma’s one-of-a-kind DIY creation!  For those of you who are interested in shaving a few bucks off of the holiday expenditures, or those who just love to see cute kiddos in homemade get-ups, check out the list below of what we think are the top 5 cutest DIY costumes for young kids!

  • Ninja Turtle: How awesome is this?  If you recognize the shape of the turtle shell, you may get hungry!  Yep, that’s a foil turkey pan!
  • Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe:  Classy, sassy, and so much fun!  Perfect for sisters or best friends to step out on a trick or treat/ trunk or treat event!
  • Popeye: Baby rolls > Big muscles!  We love this sailor man costume, especially the hat made from coffee filters!
  • Little Old Ladies: The cuteness is in overdrive with this costume! Grab some old glasses (pop out the lenses), glue craft (or cotton!) balls to a stretchy hat, toss on a cardigan, and voila!  Instant costume perfection!
  • Mouse in a Mousetrap: Possibly the most creative and genius costume we’ve seen!  This one may require a power-tool or two, but it is so worth it!

Although most of these photos are of kids under two, keep in mind that these costumes can work for other ages as well!  We hope we’ve given you some inspiration for costume creations this year, and would love to hear from you!  Please share your thoughts on these costumes, other costumes you love, or what has worked best for your kids in the past here or on Facebook - bonus points for photos!  Happy trick/trunk or treating!

*Disclaimer: HEARTS for Families does not claim rights to any of the above photos.  Please click on the hyperlinks for each costume, which will direct you to the original sources.

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