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10 truths all kids need to know

10 truths all kids need to know

1. Laugh at yourself.
One day you will look back and laugh at all of those embarrassing moments: tripping down stairs, the zit on your nose, the dance moves you show off. Have a sense of humor about the things that can bring you down. You will find that laughing can raise you back up.

2. Your actions speak volumes.
Be a respectful friend, student, and sportsperson. Reputations build faster than friendships. Be true to yourself and more truthful to others. Be the kid that others enjoy having by their side.

3. Always wait 24 hours before reacting. 
You truly have the world at your fingertips. You thrive on instant gratification and immediate response. Don’t get sucked in. If you don’t like what someone said – just stop. Write it down. Think about it overnight. Act in the morning. Think through your actions and reactions.

4. Use technology wisely.
Again, those fingers are fast. Use social media for good, not for evil. Post smart. Want to be a babysitter? Stop posting pictures of you that are questionable. Love sports? Be very aware of the risks social media can pose to you. Once your words are out there, they are open to whoever wants to twist them, manipulate them, and interpret them.

5. Communicate – with your voice.
Yes, texting and Snapchat are convenient. Voicemail is archaic. But if you have something you need to talk about, pick up the phone and call. Nothing captures emotion more eloquently and accurately than a face-to-face conversation. Call your best friend when you’ve had an argument. Look people in the eye when talking to them. And, by all means, be aware of your surroundings. Others are listening.

6. Learn how to cope.
Running away, ignoring, being in denial, looking the other way – none of it does you any good. Did you get a bad grade? Take the initiative to study differently. Had an argument with a close friend? Seek advice from a trusted adult on how to handle it. And then face the interaction bravely.

7. Choose your friends wisely.
Friends should lift you up. Friends are loyal. Friends are kind. Hang out with those who share the same value system. Don’t sell yourself short. Offer out great friendship and watch it return to you. Choose well.

8. Be patient.
You do not need the newest hover board, computer, video game, clothing label, or coolest trip. You have an entire life to accumulate things and experience great places. Pace yourself. Life is not a race. It’s a journey.

9. Ignore labels. 
On clothes. About people. Name brands don’t make you who you are. Your worth is not measured by what you wear and what group you hang out with. It also is not measured on your judgment of others. We are all equal.

10. Be a better version of you every year!
You have a lifetime to improve, to learn, to grow, to experience, to share. Let your confidence expand and your belief in self soar. Learn from your mistakes. There’s only one ‘you’. Make it good. And then make it better. And then be your best. You are worth it!

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