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15 family bonding activities you can do this weekend

15 family bonding activities you can do this weekend

In her book The Happiness Project, author Gretchen Rubin suggests that one of the secrets to happiness is to remember that what you do every day matters more than what you do once and a while. This is also the secret to parenting and family bonding. Of course, your children will get excited about a trip to the waterpark or a Disney vacation, but when they grow up, they will remember and cherish the time you spent with them regularly.

Benefits of family bonding

Family bonding is fun and stops kids from saying “I’m bored,” but there are relationship benefits, too.

  • Improved family communication: Bonding time gives kids an opportunity to speak up. It is a scheduled time that they know they will have your full attention and fun activities will put everyone in a more relaxed mood.
  • Strengthened relationships: Teens are more likely to talk to you about their lives if they feel they have a good relationship with you – and good parent-teen relationships don’t happen naturally. They require work and compromise from both parties. Scheduled family bonding time will give you the opportunity to strengthen that relationship.

15 family bonding activities you can do this weekend

  1. Read together
  2. Tell stories while you drive
  3. Hike your nearby national and state parks or trails
  4. Watch funny videos together on YouTube
  5. Build an indoor fort
  6. Create a scavenger hunt
  7. Create an obstacle course
  8. Create a family scrapbook
  9. Build a website or blog together
  10. Organize a neighborhood cleanup
  11. Play 20 Questions
  12. Make meals for the homeless
  13. Learn a new skill together
  14. Check your local museums or galleries for family free days
  15. Find a fun science experiment to try

It really doesn’t matter what family bonding activity you do, just choose something and make bonding time a regular event!

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