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50+ random acts of kindness for everyone

50+ random acts of kindness for everyone

Being kind should not be reserved for one certain day – it should be shown every day! Kick off your holiday season early and celebrate #WorldKindnessDay this Friday, November 13.

Pay it forward! Usher in the holiday spirit of giving with an act of kindness.

Kids – you can:

  • Share your candy
  • Say thank you
  • Stick up for other kids on the bus (especially if they’re shy or being teased)
  • Make a get-well card for someone who is sick
  • Sit with someone who’s alone at lunch
  • Invite a kid to play at recess
  • Do a chore without being asked
  • Pick flowers for someone
  • Leave heads-up pennies on the sidewalk
  • Share your toys
  • Make a hug coupon
  • Help make dinner
  • Call Grandma and Grandpa
  • Take care of someone’s pet (with Mom or Dad’s help of course)
  • Make a gift for your best friend
  • Say I love you

Teens – try this:

  • Share your time
  • Express your thanks
  • Hold the door open for complete strangers (and of course your friends and family too!)
  • Look someone in the eye and say hello
  • Have a birthday party and in lieu of gifts, ask for donations for a food shelf
  • Rake your neighbor’s yard
  • Have a great conversation with someone
  • Put your phone away and converse when at the table or among a group of people
  • Clean your room without being asked
  • Carry someone’s grocery bags for them
  • Volunteer
  • Read a book to your younger sibling
  • Call instead of text your conversation
  • Acknowledge a great teacher you have
  • Play with the dog or cat – they love your attention!
  • Say I love you – and truly mean it
  • Visit kids in the hospital

Adults – model this:

  • Share your fortune (time, money, talent – whatever you’ve got!)
  • Be thankful to others
  • Smile at people – don’t rush from meeting to meeting with your head down and mind elsewhere
  • Tell someone a joke to make them laugh
  • Kiss your family – or your friends (use caution when kissing a complete stranger!)
  • Bake cookies for anyone
  • Invite your neighbors over for pizza
  • Plug the parking meter for someone
  • Buy coffee for the person behind you
  • Send cards to a serviceman or woman
  • Write an email or handwrite a letter to an old friend
  • Donate clothing
  • Volunteer more
  • Buy a lottery ticket for someone
  • Allow others to walk through the door before you
  • Give flowers to someone special
  • Read – to anyone who will listen
  • Play cards with residents of a senior center
  • Tell your kids how proud they have made you
  • Donate to a local charity
  • Support your local fire department
  • Say I love you – and be sure your actions show it

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