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Jonesboro passes Social Host Ordinance!

Jonesboro passes Social Host Ordinance!

We are proud to say that after plenty of hard work by our HEARTS staff and the Jonesboro, GA community members the Jonesboro City Council approved a new social hosting amendment to the Code of Ordinances to combat local underage drinking in April.

A big shout out goes to:

  • Wendy Durham, for having the courage to speak with key stakeholders and city government officials regarding the need for this important ordinance and educating them on ways to protect our youth.
  • The Jonesboro City Police Chief Franklin Allen for sending his staff person, SGT J. B. Pair, to an event hosted by HEARTS for Families to educate key stakeholders about the impact social hosting has on a community, who then reported what he had learned to the Chief and made recommendations on how to proceed.
  • Mayor Joy Day, City Clerk Ricky Clark and the City Council members for taking the lead in making sure the Jonesboro City Police Chief and his staff were supported and that the youth of our community are better protected.

To learn more, check out the article on the amendment on the Clayton News Daily website.

Next task at hand, HEARTS for Families will continue to promote a social host ordinance in other communities in Clayton County as well as begin using HEARTS resources to promote compliance of community members to the ordinance.  People can only comply with what they know, so we have an awareness campaign to begin soon.  We are always looking for volunteers to assist the effort.  Please contact Wendy Durham,

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