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Bored? 50 fun sober activities

Bored? 50 fun sober activities

Boredom is one of the biggest reasons youth choose to experiment with drugs and alcohol, so resist temptation by filling up your to-do list with these fun sober activities.

  1. Join or create a sports team (indoor or outdoor depending on the season).
  2. Visit a hobby or craft shop, pick something up and repeat until you find your passion.
  3. Go to a comedy club.
  4. Get on stage at a comedy club!
  5. Throw a spa day at your house – guys this works for you, too! Everyone likes to relax.
  6. Go to the gym.
  7. Take an online course to learn something you have always wanted to know – Photoshop, maybe?
  8. Learn code – it is a skill that will open a lot of job opportunities for you.
  9. Volunteer your time.
  10. Learn a new language. People who know multiple languages have a larger pool of job opportunities.
  11. Have a themed potluck with your friends.
  12. Go to a concert – even if you don’t know any of the artists!
  13. Pull out some old video or board games from your childhood and have a throwback night.
  14. Another throwback idea – Netflix and Amazon Prime have lots of old cartoons that will make you nostalgic.
  15. Join a book club. Sounds old fashioned, but it helps your brain, expand your world and your social network.
  16. Like writing? Start a blog. Will be great fun to write and share and it will give you writing samples for job applications.
  17. Take an art class at the local community center.
  18. Research your ancestors at com, they have a 14 day free trial.
  19. Enjoy a nap.
  20. Learn Feng Shui and rearrange your room.
  21. Go to your local community center and have a pool day.
  22. Try a website like Canva and create new cover photos for your social channels.
  23. Take a fitness class – many places offer you a free trial.
  24. Learn how to meditate.
  25. Go to the zoo or aquarium.
  26. Go hiking.
  27. Or biking.
  28. Decide on a goal you want to reach and make a plan.
  29. Visit a museum.
  30. Go to the library and ask a librarian what his or her favorite book is. Check it out.
  31. Train your pet to become a therapy animal.
  32. Have a Pinterest day where you actually try doing all those crafts you have pinned.
  33. Do some urban exploring. Explore your own neighborhood.
  34. Plan and host a family BBQ.
  35. Have a Netflix binge day.
  36. Go bowling.
  37. Plant a garden – inside or out.
  38. Become a tutor (you can earn money this way, too).
  39. Sort through your photographs and selfies and print off a Shutterfly
  40. Read the newspaper – you will educate yourself and maybe find some local events you want to attend.
  41. Do some extra chores. It doesn’t sound fun, but your family’s happiness will be contagious.
  42. Try and beat a world record.
  43. Find a pen pal in another country so you can learn about other cultures.
  44. Learn a new recipe.
  45. Make a movie.
  46. Visit a nearby city you have never been to.
  47. Try listening to a Pandora station you normally wouldn’t.
  48. Ask your parent’s about their favorite old movie and watch it together.
  49. Write an article for your school or local newspaper.
  50. Make a website.

Now you know – there is no reason to be bored!

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