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10 New Year’s resolutions for the whole family

10 New Year’s resolutions for the whole family


The start of a new year inspires change. Many want to become healthier. Others pledge to start more good habits. Why not consider making a family resolution. Rather than focus on you, focus on all of your family. Here are some ideas to set goals for a happier family:

Slow down. Families are running ragged these days. Schedules are packed, and we all move from one commitment to the next minute by minute. Promise each other to slow down. Take a night to just sit, read, and relax together.

Cook together. Try a new recipe once a week. Buy a new spice to try in recipes. Assign each member of the family a night to make dinner. Plan together, prepare together, and eat together. The best conversations will take place over a shared meal.

Get outside. We spend hours inside at school, at work, and doing chores inside our home. Spend time outside 30 minutes a day. You can go for a walk, have a snowball fight, walk the dog, or play street hockey. Whatever it is, get everyone outdoors for some fresh air and old-fashion fun.

Unplug. How many devices does your family own? How many phones, tablets, laptops, computers, iPods, and TV’s do you have in your home? Many nights, families may sit together in one room, but all too often each member is consumed by their own device. Make every Friday night “unplugged”. Really spend time together conversing, laughing, or playing games.

Stretch. Whether you are an athlete, avid exerciser, or a sedentary desk worker, it’s really important to stretch. Maintain your flexibility as you age and you will move easier and have less pain. Plus, it’s just so relaxing.

Volunteer and donate. Families across the globe are in need of clothes, food, daily incidentals, and supplies for school. Promise yourself that you will give once a month in money, time, and collected items. That feel-good feeling of knowing you helped someone else stays with a person. You can even make a donation to HEARTS for Families to supporting ongoing parenting programs.

Eat veggies. We’re all guilty of this one. Enough said.

Play with your pets. Families are gone a lot. These loyal furry friends wait patiently for you to return. They are always happy to see you. And they want your attention. Give them the time they need. It will truly lift your mood.

Be grateful. Take time each day to truly be grateful. Appreciate your family. Value the things you have. Cherish your friends. Tell your family and close friends what they mean to you. Thank God. Gratitude returns. Send it out to the world. It will come back to you.

Hug. Show your affection. Tell each other how much they mean to you. Say I love you. If you aren’t comfortable showing such big affections, create a sign or action that will tell the others in your family how much you love them. It can be as simple as a peace sign held up to one another. Find a way to show affection and say what is so important to hear.


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