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8 ways to celebrate Family Stories Month

8 ways to celebrate Family Stories Month

Family traditions and stories hold a special place in our hearts. Holidays are generally a time for tradition, but in today’s fast-paced, connected world, we find ourselves having (or taking) less time to spend together. So before the hustle and bustle begins, find time to share memories in November to celebrate National Family Stories month.

1. Tell a story about when you were your kids’ age. Kids love to hear stories from ‘long ago’. Even exaggerated tales can bring laughter or spark new questions. Flip through photo albums and find your class picture at your son or daughter’s age.

2. Have a long-time friend tell a favorite memory about you.
Those lifelong friends don’t forget a thing. In fact, he or she was often the accomplice in the event. You and your kids may be surprised at what they remember!

3. Ask grandma or grandpa about their first job.
Times were different years ago. Generations past worked often had jobs delivering papers on their bikes or pumping gas. Wages were so much smaller and transportation and safety allowed for a different lifestyle. Write down or record these stories. You will never be able to recall them like Grandma can!

4. Find a CD (or better yet – a vinyl record) of your favorite high school artist.
Smiles always come to our faces when we hear ‘that song’ from our high school years. Remember your first record? Or your first concert? Pull out that album or CD and teach your kids the dance moves of your day.

5. Listen to the legends.
The Beattles, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Van Morrison – you name it. There are just some artists that everyone needs to recognize. Do a video marathon, a greatest hits night, or a movie documentary. Look through old albums and find those one-hit wonders. You all may surprised at how many songs are actually re-makes.

6. Got a favorite movie or TV show from growing up?
Sitcoms have come second to reality TV. But, truly, there is nothing better than a great sitcom or childhood show. Streaming stations give us a variety of options for those marathon Saturdays filled with Happy Days reruns, Cheers episodes, or Star Wars trilogies.

7. Start an annual tradition with your kids.
Find a time with your kids that will always be just yours. No relatives. No friends. No interruptions. Teach them a new game. Bake a favorite recipe or cookie. Do something that builds a memory together – without technology.

8. Volunteer.
Go to a senior home and play card games. Shake dice. Learn backgammon or chess. You’ll find yourself listening to tons of stories about the town you live in, how generations before grew up and what life was like in years past. Not to mention, you may also meet a great friend.

Family stories live on for years to come. Never tire of sharing them with your family. Make new family memories together – after all, one day your kids will need those great stories to tell!

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