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America’s Kids Day: Spend more time with your kids

America’s Kids Day: Spend more time with your kids

Celebrate time with your kids every day and especially on June 28. America’s Kids Day is annually celebrated the last Sunday in June. We live in a great country that gives us many freedoms. Celebrate the land of the free with them.

Teach to love America

There’s always something about tradition that kids and adults hold on to. It is a familiarity and an identity. Kids identify with our country when they see our flag, sing our national anthem, and watch fireworks. July 4 is just around the corner. Have your kids make our nation’s flag. Use craft materials or decorate a cake like our flag. Use chalk to make the driveway into an American Flag. Find the flag in any object around you.

Rather take a field trip? Visit a local fire station or police station. Talk to a local officer about their responsibility for keeping neighborhoods safe. Help them understand what rights they have and how to be a responsible citizen. Teach kids to love our country.

Share the history

Kids like to hear stories from days past. Share the stories of families immigrating to the America. What would life have been like? How did they feel? Teach kids the meaning of Independence Day.

Celebrate with some fun games

Gather up neighbors and friends for a night of baseball (kickball works just as well). Decorate bikes and make a parade around the block. Find a cause that your kids want to support and have a lemonade sale to raise money. Have a cookout and serve hot dogs and root beer floats. The goal is to spend time together and appreciate the freedom and fun we are given.

Traditions are carried on through generations. Continue to make new memories and traditions that your kids will look back on and say “Remember when…”

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