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An empowering prevention day at the capitol

An empowering prevention day at the capitol

The following blog post was written by HEARTS for Families CEO Sue Laney, who was so empowered by Prevention Day at the Capitol that she wanted to share her experience with all of you.

Wow!! We learned a lot at Prevention Day at the Capitol. Over 100 substance abuse prevention program providers from across the State of Georgia gathered in Downtown Atlanta to make our voices heard regarding the need for a safer and healthier Georgia. Prevention Day at the Capitol began with a kick-off event, which educated those present on how to effectively advocate for our causes and educate lawmakers regarding local and state statistics. Some of them were surprised to hear that for every $1 spent in prevention services, $30 is saved in treatment services. Event coordinators and state department heads were enthusiastic about our chances to share our stories and seek prevention support.

And they were right!

We used our First Amendment right of free speech to educate our various lawmakers at the State Capitol before, during and after the day’s legislative session. Senators and Representatives were welcoming, interested and willing to learn more. We met them in their offices, on the capitol steps and outside of their chambers. It was empowering to know they truly cared about what was happening in the communities they represented and new relationships were forged.

The final event for the day was a Prevention Rally. Photo ops and event speakers rallied the providers, lawmakers and by-standers to stand strong in their prevention efforts, to be persistent in the fight and to continue the education process so more people can join the #PreventionSaves Movement.

Image: Denise Ward, of HEARTS for Families, presents a one-pager of stats and facts and prevention bucks to Donna Yeomans from Senator Jesse Stone’s office.  He’s a senator for her communities.

Check out even more pictures from the event on our Facebook page. 

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