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Bagged lunches your kids will actually eat

Bagged lunches your kids will actually eat

School is back in session, which means a new schedule, homework and, of course, packed lunches. But what are you going to pack that is healthy AND your kids will actually eat? We have a few ideas:


Kebabs are fun to make and eat! Use fresh veggies from the farmer’s market and leftovers from dinner or you can even make a fruit kabab.

Breakfast for lunch

Who doesn’t love breaking the rules and having breakfast for lunch or dinner?! Pack yogurt, granola and fruit for lunch one day for special treat.

Salad bar

Have your fridge stocked with your kids’ favorite chopped vegetables and when it is time to pack line up all the choices like a salad bar. It is a healthy lunch and your kids will love putting it all together.


Make lunch a fancy affair by adding toothpicks. Use a tortilla and roll-up some sandwich fixings inside. Once it is all compiled, cut the wrap up into bite size pieces and put a toothpick in each.

Dipping fun

Vegetables and fruit are way more fun to eat when you have something to dip them in, so create meal based around dips. Have some hummus, peanut butter and yogurt in cups and include some foods to dip in each – celery, carrots, pita bread, turkey slices, apples, etc.

Making lunch together will offer you a great bonding activity and will give your child an opportunity to practice responsibility.

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