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CCHS Students Hear the Life-Changing Effects of Drunk Driving

CCHS Students Hear the Life-Changing Effects of Drunk Driving

Colquitt County High School and HEARTS for Families recently hosted national guest speakers, Chris Sandy and Eric Krug.

Chris Sandy is on a mission to save lives. He speaks nationwide to people of all ages, but has a special heart for youth and seeing them make positive life choices. Chris is also the Author of the books “Enduring Regret: Chris Sandy’s Life after Causing Death” and ‘Two Different Stories of Drunk Driving, Two Very Different Prison’s”. Eric Krug’s story is also featured and is extremely powerful. The book is about being an offender and a victim’s perspective of drunk driving.

Chris opens eyes and motivates people to become a better communicator and decision maker. Every 51 minutes a person is killed in a car crash. Our youth are exposed to Alcohol and Drugs throughout their lives and they need to be equipped to handle tough situations. Chris lives the reality every day from making the wrong choice and dealing with lifelong consequences. He is passionate about his message and will stop at nothing to have the chance to save someone else from making the same horrible choice to drink and drive.

HEARTS for Families saw this opportunity to support underage drinking prevention in Moultrie. They helped to make this event possible by donating the funds to bring Chris and Eric to CCHS.

“I am very thankful for our students with their attentiveness during this program. You could tell by the responses of the audience that the message was well received,” commented Principal Stephanie Terrell.

All students either viewed the presentation live in the auditorium or had the benefit of live streaming over the Internet. A special thanks goes to Ms. Harden and the video broadcasting class for their work in this endeavor. Video broadcasting throughout the school setting allowed each student the opportunity to participate in this life-changing event.

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