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Community Workshops

The goal of our community workshops is to educate communities on protective prevention practices that can lead to strong, nurturing relationships that help prevent substance abuse and violence. Community workshops can be tailored toward community members. These workshops are considered primary prevention and provide useful information for anyone attending.

We wish to provide parents with a stigma-free approach to parenting education. A natural step for parents who attend a community parenting workshop would be to then take part in a full parenting program. Many of our parenting programs are offered within the communities that also host workshops in order to provide additional support when needed.

Current HEARTS for Families Workshop Offerings:

12 Steps to Keeping Your Kids Drug-Free

This parenting workshop is for families with school-age children. We discuss how to use parenting techniques, discipline tools and drug and alcohol education to open up communication in the home and prevent substance use among children and youth.

Appropriate Boundaries in Parenting

This parenting workshop teaches parents how to identify and establish appropriate boundaries, reduce stress and build security for their family.

Breaking the Cycle: Child Abuse Awareness and Education

This workshop is specifically designed for organizations that work with families and children. We focus on abuse awareness and education in order to identify the signs and symptoms of child abuse. The workshop also covers ways to set up policies that protect children and workers.

Challenge for a Change

A prevention-focused education workshop for community groups, religious organizations and parents alike. We educate community leaders on current trends and statistics regarding child abuse and substance abuse in their area as well as proven ways to decrease risk factors.

Community Readiness Assessment Model

This community workshop is a guide to the complex process of community change. Originally developed to address community alcohol and drug abuse prevention efforts, the workshop is also being used for intimate partner violence, child abuse, transportation issues, HIV/AIDS, head injury, cultural competence, suicide, animal control issues, and many more issues.

How to Live, Love, and Laugh Your Way Through

This fun-filled workshop is full of family-friendly activities that promote play and the importance of laughter in a family. The workshop promotes strong bonds and open relationships that can serve as a protective factor for families.

Nurturing Touch

This workshop is for parents or caregivers with infants. The training encourages a strong parent-child bond, builds empathy for the child and heightens the parents’ awareness that babies have thoughts feelings and needs, just like adults!

Turning Chaos to Confidence

In this parent education workshop, we discusses how to set proper expectations within the family through rules and consequences. The workshop focuses on promoting the concepts of respect, communication and modeling appropriate behavior.

You, Your Environment and Your Baby

Designed specifically for new moms, this parenting workshop includes prenatal activities that helps moms understand what their baby needs, how to manage stress and how smoking and drinking affect their baby.

Get Involved

Bring one of our community workshops to your area! Contact us for more information on becoming a community workshop provider. For additional information about our workshops, please contact Ed Lee.