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Don’t serve teens: Consequences of social hosting

Don’t serve teens: Consequences of social hosting

Did you know 1 in 4 high school seniors say they have attended a party where those under the age of 21 were drinking in front of parents?

How about the fact that 2 out of 5 high school seniors say it is easy to get alcohol from a friend’s parents?

Well, these statistics are less shocking when you understand the 46% of parents of high school students don’t know what their liability would be if someone else’s child were found drinking in their home.

Join us in helping us change this. Let’s get educated on social hosting and its consequences:

What is social hosting? 

A “social host” is any adult who hosts a gathering where alcohol is served to minors on property they control (such as a home they own or an apartment/condo they rent). Through social host liability laws, adults can be held responsible if underage people are served, regardless of who furnishes the alcohol.

Teens are unpredictable. Underage drinking has a number of consequences and if you host a gathering and allow underage drinking, there is risk of alcohol poisoning, fighting, accidents or even risky sexual behavior.

Social host ordinances give communities a practical tool for holding adults accountable and, although consequences vary by location, more than 150 cities or counties and 24 states have adopted social host ordinances.

What you and your community can do to prevent social hosting


Awareness is the first step to prevention. Get involved in your community and teach other parents the importance of keeping kids alcohol-free. Help them understand the consequences of social hosting and the value of talking with their children about alcohol. Connect with our Alcohol Prevention Project team in your area for additional resources; we are here to help you!

Provide alternatives

Many teens report that they end up underage drinking because they are bored. Encourage your community to provide fun, alternative activities for youth to give them something to do instead of drinking.

Teens listen to their parents and look to them to role model behaviors on how to react around alcohol. Let’s work together to guide good choices and provide fun alternatives to drinking.

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