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Eat Better, Eat Together Month: Farmers’ Market Meals

Eat Better, Eat Together Month: Farmers’ Market Meals

 As adults, many of our favorite childhood memories are not those involving expensive toys or trips, but those involving quality time spent with our family. It is the memories of our parents teaching us new skills, telling us stories and spending time with us regularly that we cherish most.

A great way to fit in this family bonding time with your children is to cook and eat together. Everyone has busy schedules, but everyone needs to eat, so why not cook the meal and eat it together?

Celebrate Eat Better, Eat Together Month by not only making meal prep and dinner family bonding time, but by going the extra mile and teaching your kids to make healthy eating choices at the same time.

Family bonding from shopping to eating

Step one: Find a farmer’s market

What is the easiest way to eat healthy? Buy all your food fresh! Even in the coldest of states there are winter farmer’s markets, so find one near you and see what foods are in season.

While you are searching for a market, teach your kids about the value of locally grown foods.

Step two: Find a recipe

If you have ever searched for recipes online, you know there is recipe that will fit the needs of even the pickiest eaters. Start your search with Southern Living’s list of 17 winter farmer’s market recipes.

Step three: Go shopping

This is the fun part! There are so many sights, sounds and delicious smells to take in at the farmer’s market. Play a game and see how many of the vegetables your kids can identify and have them keep a list of which ones they want to try next time.

Bonus: bring your own shopping bag and teach your kids the importance of “going green.”

Step four: Prep and cook

Kids can do plenty to help in the kitchen even if they are young. They can help unpack the bags, set the table or load the dishwasher. If they are older, teach them how to chop vegetables, stir the meal as it cooks and wash dishes.

Step five: Sit and eat together

There are so many benefits of family meals, so take advantage of them! You can use this time to keep up with your kids’ lives, share stories and lessons from your own day and start conversations about alcohol.

Obviously, you don’t want to shop every day, but plan to go once a week with your kids and even if you order in pizza, eat together every day. Those are the moments your child will cherish.

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