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Faith-Based Organizations

Are you doing your part to prevent child abuse and neglect? How about substance abuse in parents or children in your communities?

HEARTS for Families has proven solutions that can increase protective factors and reduce the risk factors that are causing maltreatment of our children. Our faith supporting Parenting Programs include “Nurturing God’s Way” and “Survivial Kit for Parents” which have scripture-based lessons that are a perfect fit for your faith-based organization.

These programs provide effective nurturing skills and Godly characteristics in parents and children and can be implemented in a home-based setting or in a group.

Benefits of our Evidence-Informed Programs

  • Teach families what the Bible says about parenting
  • Support material and the ability to adapt lessons for workshops, retreats, Sunday school or sermons
  • Convenient facilitator training-we provide all the tools and skills needed to run your own program
  • Worldwide, proven training that supports families in a caring, nurturing and Godly way

Support Your Community

HEARTS is turning toward the faith-based communities in order to access families in need and give all children a better chance of success. It’s not enough to know about the tools on our end, now we must all come together and facilitate these programs in our own communities in order to provide nurturing programs for parents.

We Need Your Hel!

We’ve all heard “it takes a village,” and it truly does. Contact us to learn how to join forces with HEARTS to bring our scripture-based parenting programs to your community.


For more information on how you can be a part of the HEARTS initiative to support and nurture families, contact us here…