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Family time: Reading goals for 2015

Family time: Reading goals for 2015

In a world of electronics, digital connections and online news dwells a simple page-by-page hand-held item: the book. Once a primary go-to for passing time and relaxing, books have become (to some) an assignment. You may be like others: a self-proclaimed reader with good intentions and a shelf full of unread books. We have an answer: rediscover family reading time.

Does your family set aside time to read?

Families lead busy lives. Reading has become an assignment rather than a joy. It’s the task we need to fit in rather than choose to fit in. Our families are missing out on so much! In a Scholastic study, only 31% of kids between the ages of 6 to 17 read a book for fun daily. Reading from a book gives your eyes a break. It allows us to mentally disconnect from our world and encourages creative thought. Reading can be a family bonding activity.

Make reading a family event

Reading as a family can come in many forms. The evening newspaper has many sections and reading levels for everyone. Divide up the paper into sections such as the front page feature stories, a business article, a sports article and the comics. Take turns reading the article and talking about current events. Magazine can be done in the same fashion. Pick out a cover story, a book review, a quick tips guide or a picture puzzle to do together. Choose a consistent time of day and spend time together as a family. These moments can prompt great family discussions and can guide good choices and learning for kids and for parents.

Reading aloud isn’t just for preschoolers

Jim Trelease has been advocating for years the importance of reading aloud to kids. His published best seller The Read-Aloud Handbook outlines the skills and knowledge received when children are active listeners and contributors to reading aloud. His book also includes his ‘treasury’ of read aloud favorites including picture books, reference books, novels, poetry and classic stories. Expand your list with more read-aloud selections from Hey! Listen to This! and Read All About It!

Looking for a good book?

The New York Times best sellers list offers many recommendations for books for all reading levels. Here are some current favorites to check out at your local library – or build a library of your own! spotmatikphoto’> Barnes & Noble also offer extensive lists of books.

Children’s picture books – titles include Press Here and The Day the Crayons Quit.

Middle grade – titles features include Out of My Mind and YouTube favorite Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome.

Children’s Series – Diary of a Wimpy Kid and The Maze Runner top this list.

Watch for this in 2015…

Many great books will hit the shelves this year, but only one will find thousands of readers reminiscing about years past. Scout Finch returns for today’s families and brings them back to Maycomb. Pulitzer Prize author Harper Lee, known for her classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird, will release her original manuscript entitled Go Set a Watchman. The story sees Scout through personal, political and societal issues. It is a must-read – and could be the start of many family bonding reading nights.

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