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Get the kids outside and get messy

Get the kids outside and get messy

It’s summer! Time to put down the video games and soak up the sun! Get outside and get messy. Kids have room to move, to build, to design and to have fun. Some supplies are even provided by the outdoors. Here are some ideas for dirty delightful fun.

Creating works of art

  • Chalk. The residue of chalk seems to exist on every kid’s hands in the summer. Now there’s glow-in-the-dark chalk for drawing, mapping out a hop-scotch game, or tracing the outline of friends on the driveway.
  • Paint. All kinds: finger paint, water paint, glitter paint. Paint rocks, on cardboard (maybe to make their own clubhouse), on wood (again, treehouse), or design a bubble wrap tree. As a teen, kids can also try their luck at paintball. Don’t want to go to a paintball course? Make your own paintballs with foam balls and use up that old paint. Make your course using old sheets and shields out of cardboard.
  • Mud. Mud painting and mud sculptures can bring creative minds alive. Use rocks, pebbles, flowers, dandelions, leaves, or whatever nature provides. Resources are endless to a creative mind.

Physical fitness at its dirtiest

  • Mud races. Deliberate or accidental, kids love mud. Make it simple and make a game out of puddle jumping or set up an obstacle course that includes dirt, sand, water and mud! Make a slide into the a mud bath, dig through sand, build obstacle courses that force kids to crawl on their hands and knees. Kids can be creative, use energy, and get dirty!
  • Get wet. Water balloons, pools, slip-n-slides, sprinklers. Kids love water. Make sponge soakers or homemade bubbles for friendly competition. Find many water works of funfor kids of all ages.
  • Dog wash-a-thon. Why not provide a service while having some fun? Teens are always looking for fundraising ideas for school events. With the proper training and supervision, add an element of fun and service to the standard car wash fundraiser and include a dog wash.

More for the mix

Homes are full of messy fun: baking soda to make fizz, flour to make gooey paste outside or use as an indoor sandbox, pudding can be used as finger paint, shaving cream in lieu of water for balloon battles, and let’s not forget whipped cream for pie eating (or throwing) contests. Whatever the contest or the creation, getting messy is worth the fun.

Image Copyright: Stephanie Frey/123RF

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