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HEARTS for Families Announces 2015 Golden Heart Award Recipient

HEARTS for Families Announces 2015 Golden Heart Award Recipient

Award Recipient and HEARTS for Families Representative

Each year, the members of the HEARTS for Families team are given an opportunity to nominate a person in their service community to receive the “Golden HEART Award.”  The Golden Heart Award is for a community member who goes above and beyond to support HEARTS for Families in various ways, including volunteering time, money, and resources toward furthering our cause.

We are proud to announce that the 2015 Golden Heart Award recipient is Tom McBeth.  Wendy Durham, our program coordinator in the Riverdale/Jonesboro area, nominated McBeth for her outstanding and unwavering support of HEARTS for Families.  As a member of the STEPUp Clayton Workgroup, McBeth has been very active in supporting and collaborating with HEARTS for Families.  During the time that Tom has been involved with HEARTS for Families, Durham says that she has been “instrumental in connecting HEARTS with other non-profit organizations in the community, “ which led to collaboration with those organizations as well as producing more supporters of HEARTS.  She is a very active participant in the Workgroup, and she always brings fresh information/ideas to the meeting.

In addition, Tom took the initiative to create the Alcohol and Drug Free Youth Council, with the intention of getting more youth involved with the Alcohol Prevention Project and HEARTS for Families.  She also volunteers her time to attend meetings both with and in place of Durham because of her wholehearted support toward the mission of HEARTS for Families in our work on the Alcohol Prevention Project.

HEARTS for Families CEO, Award Winner, Program CoordinatorPictured: Sue Laney, HEARTS for Families CEO, with recipient Tom McBeth and Program Coordinator, Wendy Durham

After surprising her with the award at the December meeting of STEPUp Clayton, held on 12/16/2015, we had a chance to sit down with Tom and learn more about her.  Although she originally came to Georgia by way of Los Angeles, Ms. McBeth says that she has been here for over twenty years now and that she is “definitely a Georgia Peach!”  With a 20+ year background in Human Resources, both Development and Training, as well as her experience with the non-profit, Real Parents Inc., that she created 24 years ago and still runs today, it isn’t hard to see why Tom is such as asset to us as a community partner.  A self-described “work-a-holic”, and advocate for positive change both personally and professionally, Tom has been volunteering and collaborating with HEARTS for Families for about a year.

When asked about her experience with the organization, Ms. McBeth had this to say: “Oh, I’m just so excited about HEARTS for Families!  I really think that their message, and their mission, to put the information about underage drinking in our communities is vital – mainly because our communities need a way to have that education and information.”  Ms. McBeth went on to discuss the exciting things that have come from her involvement with HEARTS for Families, saying, “From this meeting [the STEPUp Clayton Workgroup meeting], we created the Alcohol and Drug Free Youth Council, which we are planning to implement in 2016…it was birthed from just seeing the need of young people to be educated about alcohol and drugs, and then pass that information along and educate EACH OTHER.”

At the close of the interview, upon being congratulated for the award, Tom expressed her gratitude with these words, “Thank you so much. It really humbled my spirit, and I am thankful to HEARTS for Families for presenting me with this award.”

Ms. McBeth, we are certainly thankful for you and all that you have contributed to HEARTS for Families this year.  We are so blessed to have you as a community partner, and we are excited about working with you in the future.  Congratulations, again, for winning this prestigious award!

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