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How to give back this Halloween

How to give back this Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner. If you are like most families, you’ve probably hidden your candy stash – twice! Like most children, picking out their Halloween costumes takes careful time and consideration. Trick-or-treating is mainly about your child’s enjoyment. However, why not take the opportunity to guide good choices and teach your children how to give back this Halloween? Here are five fun-filled Halloween-themed charitable children’s activities:

  • “Treat” the elderly
    Your children love any opportunity to show off their Halloween costumes. Take their enthusiasm and lend it to those in need of a smile. Have your children dress up in their costume and visit a nursing home. The elderly don’t always get the opportunity to see their children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren often, so seeing a Halloween parade is sure to bring a smile to their face.
  • Send candy to the troops
    Men and women serving the armed forces make sacrifices every day for our country. And, holidays can be not only lonely, but also hard on their spirits. Have your children create a Halloween-themed care package for Operation Gratitude by picking out candy to send to the troops. Even if the troops are far away and in a foreign country, it’ll help bring them a little piece of home.
  • Create cards for the sick
    Another way to guide good choices is to remind your children that not every child is well enough to participate in Halloween festivities. Some are sick in the hospital and others can’t physically partake. Have your children create homemade care cards and mail to Hugs and Hope.
  • Organize a Halloween costume drive
    Many children are lucky enough to either have a costume made or purchased brand new. However, others aren’t so fortunate. Organize a neighborhood or school Halloween costume drive and donate to Goodwill. Kindly remind others to donate gently used costumes for other children to enjoy!
  • Trick-or-treat for a cause
    In addition to trick-or-treating for candy, ask for non-perishable food items to donate to a local food bank or soup kitchen. This will help remind your children that not everyone has the comfort of a hot meal, let alone the luxury of eating candy.

Most people don’t think of Halloween as a charitable holiday. Turn this around by guiding good choices for your children by showing them how to give back this Halloween. Organize thoughtful, yet fun, charitable children’s activities to show them the importance of giving back.

How does your family give back on Halloween?

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