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Magical moments to take notice of every day

Magical moments to take notice of every day

In our rush to get through the day, we can forget about what’s important.

Nurturing parents engage with their kids at all ages. We learn from one another. It’s also good to know when to step back and observe. Kids can teach parents to slow down and see the obvious. Parents can share memories and educate kids.

The world of a newborn is full of uncertainty, wonder and development. Emotionally they are learning trust and what feels safe. Intellectually, babies learn to communicate what they need and interact with us. Physically, they are building coordination and learning control and strength. A lot happens that first year of life. And that emotional, intellectual, and physical learning continues into adulthood.

So stop. Cherish these magic moments and reactions:


  • Calm down when you are near
  • Smile when they see you
  • Squeal when happy or playful

The first year

  • Notice the world – and just stare and observe
  • Explore textures, tastes and smells when eating
  • Recognize their hands and feet – and that they can move them!
  • Concentrate when picking up cheerios
  • Celebrate moving from place to place by crawling and walking


  • Show defiance and mischievousness – appreciate the emotions as best you can
  • Endless energy will get you moving – join them. Love to push and pull!
  • Ask a ton of questions. Entertain them with answers.
  • May focus on building, role-playing or pretend play. Humor them.


  • Tell great jokes and stories – listen to them
  •  Will love a new adventure and share facts and history
  • Obsessed with passions: crafts, sports, magic tricks, board games, technology
  • Just want to be with friends. Smile when you overhear conversations in the car


  • Love music; listen with them and learn about what they like and why
  • Appreciate their style of learning: hands on, videos, reading, debating
  • Enjoy time with friends – offer them a space to hang out with some privacy


  • Start to appreciate intellectual interests and may debate topics
  • Begin to connect to history and roots of a family – share your stories.
  • May retreat – give them space but observe their facial expressions.

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