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Parenting anxiety and how to relieve it

Parenting anxiety and how to relieve it

Sometimes we miss parenting before the Internet.

Don’t get us wrong. The Internet has provided parents with an unlimited amount of support, and while support is good, the unlimited part can cause anxiety. When we are bombarded with social media posts, blog posts and news articles about everything from our friend’s child’s first steps to news on an 8-year-old super genius, we can feel a little anxious about our own child and our parenting skills.

How to relieve parenting anxiety

There is nothing new about parenting anxiety. Raising a child has been difficult since the beginning of time, but there are ways to combat parenting anxiety – both traditional and the kind brought on by the digital age.

Everything in moderation

It may seem ironic to read this on a parenting blog, but take what you read on parenting blogs in moderation. Parenting is not a science or an art – it is a mix of both, and that mix is different for every family. Parenting blogs are an amazing resource for learning about new parenting tips and tricks, but it is physically impossible for any parent to follow allthe parenting advice available on the Internet. Pick and choose what works best for you and your family.

Ignore social media

Sometimes we all need to take a break from social media. A recent study found that Facebook is linked to depression. Why? Because we are all comparing ourselves to others and that is unhealthy in general, but especially on social media. Social media is not real life. We should not compare ourselves to someone because of how great his or her life looks on Facebook; Facebook is a highlight reel. People only post the pictures they look best in and make status updates about the fabulous parts of life. Remember this next time your house is a mess and the kids are running wild and you see a status update about your friend’s picture perfect family vacation.

Active healing

Anyone who has suffered anxiety before knows that logic is not always enough to relieve the anxiety, so if the steps above just aren’t doing the trick, try some active anxiety relief techniques:

  • Breathe – It sounds silly, but when you get anxious you tend take shallow, quick breaths, which does not provide you with enough oxygen. Be mindful of your breathing and take deep, slow breaths.
  • Go for a walk – Fresh air and exercise always help.
  • Drink some chamomile tea – Drinking tea is relaxing it itself because of ritualistic process of making it and enjoying a warm beverage, but some compounds in chamomile bind to the same brain receptors as drugs like Valium, providing a calm feeling.
  • Take a break – Sometimes you need to just need to accept you are anxious and stop trying to work through it; you are only going to get frustrated and more anxious.

Parenting has been and always will be a stressful job, so use the steps above to provide some stress and anxiety relief.

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