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HEARTS for Families™ offers training opportunities for individuals,  facilitators, government agencies and other professionals in communities nationwide and internationally.  Our training provides individuals and organizations with the tools to successfully implement one of the many HEARTS for Families™ programs in your community.

As part of the facilitator training, we offer planning support in order to equip your team or organization with the tools to administer your chosen program in your targeted community with success.

Our Official Evidence-Informed 4-Part Training Model

All HEARTS for Families™ training participants are assessed through quantitative and qualitative measures.  If a training participant needs additional support or additional training (as identified through the evaluation process) we are happy to arrange it.  HEARTS™ partners with quality facilitators that score 80% or higher on assessments, with an average of a 6.0 or higher on the five parenting constructs measured by the Adult Adolescent Parenting Inventory, a 32-item inventory widely used to identify adolescents and adults at risk for inadequate parenting behaviors.

Basic Home Visitation Skills™

Our Basic Home Visitation Skills Training™ increases awareness of the importance of safety, healthy limits and boundaries for home visitors and organizations providing home visitation programs.  The training provides practical skills for making general home visits and can be used as a screening tool for potential unsuitable home visitor candidates.

For experienced home visitors, this training provides a refresher course, as well as opportunities to network and learn about new program materials.

Our suggested curriculum is divided into 4 parts.

Part 1 –

  • Overview of Home Visitation
  • Child Abuse Awareness – Disclosing and Reporting

Part 2 –

  • 6-8 Hours self paced online study
  • 7 Hours group based experiential learning scenarios

Part 3 –

  • Independent Study
  • Practice and application of skills
  • Part 4 –
  • Observation of skills application
  • Fidelity monitoring
  • Final Assessment for Retention of Training Concepts

For more information about the Basic Home Visitation Skills™ training, developed by Sue Laney, CEO for HEARTS for Families, Inc. visit

Nurturing Your Home®

This training prepares facilitators to conduct the curricula for

  • Nurturing Skills programs for Parents,
  • Nurturing Skills for Teen Parents, or
  • Nurturing Skills for Military Families.

It is often implemented within the client’s home using family-centered plans that effectively address the specific needs of the family.  These program curricula are offered in a small group training format with training specific to conducting the selected program in a home setting.

The training also incorporates the Basic Home Visitation Skills™ curriculum so that the desired program can be conducted while keeping family members and home visitors safe, effective and properly engaged.

Get Involved

Interested in our Facilitator Training programs? Contact us to learn more about how to  become a facilitator, which will give you the ability to offer our programs in your community.