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HEARTS for Families offers facilitator training in order to give individuals the tools needed to support and educate families in their own communities.

Learn how to:

  • Enhance your overall facilitation skills
  • Be a part of our various education programs
  • Run a program in your own community

Our facilitator training program also includes technical assistance for the duration of your program so you can educate with confidence.

HEARTS for Families, Inc. established in 1997 as Family Nurturing Center of Georgia, Inc. to focus on substance abuse prevention and child abuse prevention.   In 2012, the organization changed its name to HEARTS for Families, Inc. The acronym “HEARTS” stands for Help, Enrichment, Assessment, Research, Training and Support. We proudly can claim that for 13 years, HEARTS has been the highest funded prevention provider in the state of Georgia. And, in addition to onsite programming, they have been a leader in providing live-streamed online parenting programs for both group-based and one-on-one settings.

HEARTS is a National Trainer/Consultant for various parent education curricula preparing program facilitators to be confident and competent in working with families. In 2009 HEARTS was funded by the National Prevention for Substance Abuse Technologies to create and research a proven effective facilitator training model. In 2011, Emory University deemed the training model as evidence-informed and effective. Out of the 150+ National Trainer/Consultants for Nurturing Parenting Programs, only HEARTS has and uses a research-based facilitator training model.


For more information or for technical assistance services for our facilitated programs, contact Ed Lee.