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SAFE HOMES™ creates a network of parents and community working together to ensure a safe, healthy, drug-free environment for all youth.


Alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention efforts are only effective when everyone in a community support and enforce clear, consistent “No Use” messages and policies regarding children and drugs.  Parents working together can make a tremendous difference in the lives of children.

Parents are the primary educators of their children and help their children make good decisions about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.  We believe when parents join together and unite against drug use they create positive changes in their neighborhoods and communities.

SAFE HOMES is a parent networking campaign.  A SAFE HOMES network can provide support for parents and guardians in their efforts to have safe, healthy, drug-free homes, neighborhoods and communities.

The message is consistently “No Use” of any alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs by youth.  This “No Use” message is a constant thread throughout all effective prevention programs and it is strongly  encouraged to be a common policy and message in every home.

The SAFE HOMES network starts in the home, in a school, in a neighborhood and spreads throughout a community.  We have found it’s best to build a strong foundation of interested parents willing to be actively involved, and then to recruit and expand with new parents.  Parents talk to each other and unite in a clear “No Use” message to children by maintaining that there will be “No Use” of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs in their homes or on their property.  By working together around this simple principle, parents provide the consistency necessary to reduce the pressures children feel to use alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs to fit into a lifestyle promoted by media and sometimes their peers.

What is the SAFE HOMES™ Pledge?

  1. I will actively supervise all gatherings or parties of youth in my/our home or on my/our property, or ask another responsible adult, person or parent for help to do so.
  2.  I will not allow the possession or use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs by youth in my/our home or on my/our property.
  3.  I will set expectations for my/our children by knowing where they are going, who they are with, what their plans are, and when they are to return home.
  4.  I will provide a secure storage place for all forms of alcohol in my/our home.
  5.  I will communicate with any SAFE HOMES parent of a child I personally observe using alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs.

I want to take the Pledge and receive information and resources to protect my children and their friends from alcohol and drugs!

I want to take the Pledge!

Follow this link to more information on SAFE HOMES™