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CIS Spotlight (Dustin)

Our June spotlight shines brightly on Community Involvement Specialist, Dustin Infinger.

Dustin Infinger, a Community Involvement Specialist with HEARTS for Families, has been coordinating suicide prevention activities in Southwest Georgia for the past three years. Dustin values his connections with friends and family as well as his creativity and sobriety. He has a degree in Creative Writing and English from Florida State University with a focus in Human Rights Literature. He has a background in sales, management, marketing and design, along with many years’ experience working in professional kitchens, but admits that being a father has taught him the most. His interest in cooking, storytelling, and design are all rooted in finding new ways to connect with people, and this passion has helped him engage the communities that he serves in coming together to spread messages of hope and resiliency to those who are struggling.

Chief Executive Officer, Sue Laney, describes Dustin as “having a passion for suicide prevention and is a very caring person. Dustin is creative, smart, and loves his family very much.”  Mrs. Laney goes on to say that “Dustin has a passion for doing things well and is always willing to learn new ways of doing them. He is a great asset to HEARTS.”

The Covid pandemic has brought new challenges for battling mental health issues. Dustin has immersed himself in finding ways to battle the issue of isolation so that he can reach those struggling and encourage them to keep moving forward. Dustin naturally looks for ways to give people hope, remind them that they are not alone in their battle, and to give families a resource to turn too.

Thank you Dustin for all of your dedication to HEARTS for Families. We are grateful to have you on our team!


To check out the project that Dustin is involved with, check out the STEP Up Grady Facebook page at:



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