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The impact of your donation to HEARTS for Families

The impact of your donation to HEARTS for Families

As we wrap up 2015, many of us are thinking about giving. Giving gifts to friends and family, and giving gifts to charity.

With more than 1.5 million registered nonprofits in the U.S. alone, it can be hard to decide where to give. You want to pick a charity that works towards a cause you care about and truly makes an impact in the area.

If you are passionate about helping families and children, consider donating to HEARTS for Families this year.

Importance of parenting programs

Parenting is hard. It comes with new struggles every day, but the real stress comes from knowing that all our actions affect our children today and in the future.

That’s why we offer nurturing parenting programs, with options for every step of the parenting process – from prenatal to the teenage years and even for parents who have adult children and want to renew or improve their relationships. To read about our specific programs and skills learned, check out our Parenting Programs page.

A word from participants

The reasons parents choose to attend one (or several!) of our parenting programs vary; some reasons include wanting to be a better parent, wanting their child to have as many opportunities for success as possible or wanting to honor God with their parenting. No matter the reason they came to the class, we receive letters, emails and messages almost everyday from parents thanking us for the class or sharing success stories. Here are a few comments and lessons parents have shared with us after the program:

 “[I learned that] I need to be more empathetic towards my 15 year old – treat her as I want to be treated. Her needs matter as much as my own.” – Melissa

I loved learning ways to improve not only my children’s self worth but my own and all the stages of development.” – Ashley

“The key is to forgive others as the Lord forgives and continues to forgive you. If we have a love for others, a real love, then forgiveness will come. If it is difficult to forgive then ask God to help.” – Delmarie

“It never really occurred to me how I did not know my kids.” – Crystal 

“Discipline is the practice of teaching children to be respectful, cooperative and contributing members.” – Winter

“I was reading about a way to build my kid’s confidence and it says to present them with the opportunity to accomplish something and that helps and I thought that was a great idea.” – Jessica

“[Today I learned] rules are important for my own life & discipline should come from love.” – Lynn

“[I am] becoming more at peace with myself. – Brandy

“I have had a stressful week. This class brings my spirits up! Thank you!” – Meghan

“When doing this lesson, God showed me how when my children see me do something it can send them a strong message for good or bad and if it’s bad we need to let them see us correct it – loved this lesson.” – Erin

What makes HEARTS for Families different?

Two factors set our programs apart from the others:

1. We offer support outside of the classroom.
Our parenting programs are not easy; we are not just teaching parents new skills, but also teaching them how to think differently. After a session parents have homework to do and these lessons often make parents look at life from a different perspective, which leads to a lot of questions. For our programs taught in a community or church setting, program facilitators are available 24/7, if needed. Parents can call in and ask for advice.

2. We offer programming in a variety of settings, helping those in need.
For the past 4 years we have conducted the Nurturing God’s Way Program in Lee Arrendale State Prison for Women and Phillips State Prison’s Transitional Center for Men. During that time we have helped over 400 men and women prepare to be better, more effective parents when they go home.

In 2016, we are proud to announce that we are expanding our work with incarcerated parents. We will be teaching in local jails, prisons and detention centers. With this expansion we will be helping parents maintain relationships with their children while incarcerated and guide them as they transition back into a normal parenting role when they are released.

Your donations make a difference

When donating to HEARTS for Families, you are strengthening families. You are helping us pay our trainers and program facilitators, provide training workbooks for every parent to take home with them and expand our programs so we can teach even more parents the skills they need to have healthy, happy relationships with their children.

Donate now and help strengthen a family today!

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