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Valentine’s Day without the sweets

Valentine’s Day without the sweets

Valentine's Day heart

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet,
and so are you!

What fun we had on Valentine’s Day–exchanging cards, valentines, small treats, or in some cases, HUGE candy kisses and chocolate bars! The days of Valentine’s candy and sweet treats are starting to come to a close. More students are developing food allergies and healthy snacks are encouraged. But that doesn’t mean Valentine’s day can’t still be sweet! Here are 6 sans-sugar Valentine’s ideas to show your personality and impress that special someone.

1. Straws. Kids love straws so find a box of crazy, bendable straws and insert into a cute paper cutout.

2. Rainbow loom bracelets. If you have a loom and rubber bands, get to work. Your friendship is IL-“LOOM”-INATING.

3. Stickers. There are hundreds of stickers to choose from. Think of a clever saying such as “let’s stick together!” and have fun.

4. Chapstick or Lipbalm is a functional gift that can lay on words like You’re the Balm!

5. Pencils. Stray away from the standard #2 and jazz up a cute pencil with the message You’re just the WRITE friend for me.

6. Use office supplies. Ever consider making a bookmark from a paperclip? Here are fun plays on words using basic office supplies: You RULE! or You’re tops in my book!

Looking for even more ideas? Here are 75 do-it-yourself Valentines ideas to tackle for tomorrow’s special day!


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